You could save money and get a techie friend or perhaps your neighbor's kid to throw some web pages together for you...

But before you give someone the responsibility of presenting your business presence on the Internet, make sure they have the skills necessary to create a website that will enhance your company's image. First impressions count for a lot on the Internet. A bargain website that is amateurish, slow, or confusing can wreck your business image and is no bargain.

Prosperity Process

Today Prosperity Webs offers the best solution for your web needs. ProsperityWebs offers excellence in web design and maintenance.
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(505) 715 - 4715
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(505) 715 - 4715
or go to our Contact Page

Consultation Questions:
The following are questions we commonly ask during our initial conversations with you. This is to help us determine what type of website would best support the objectives of your business, and to give us an idea of what your expectations and requirements are.

Call (505) 715 - 4715 or go to our Contact Page

The web design and web development process typically includes the following steps


1. Are there any existing Websites that you like and visit frequently?

2. Will you provide the content for your website (text, photos, logos, etc)? If so, in digital format Microsoft Word and Jpgs?

3. Who is your ISP? (AOL, Comcast, etc)

4. How many different e-mail addresses will you need?

5. Will you need an online store to sell something from the website? If so, do you have a retail store?

6. Have you registered a domain name yet? If so, with whom? (Network Solutions,, etc)

7. Will you need to have your Web site hosted?

8. What you are going to put on your website: graphics (Your Website will be more useful with custom graphics and a professionally designed logo.)

Recommended pages.

About us (Who are you and why are you important)

Products or Services (Categorized. How much are your products?)

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The time is now!
A phone call will get us started. The World Wide Web is growing. It is the fastest growing medium on the planet and the best place for you to start a business. You can reach millions of people with your web and we can insure that your web presence is artistic and professional. Call us now and let us get to work on your web.

Call (505) 715 - 4715 or go to our Contact Page

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