You could save money and get a techie friend or perhaps your neighbor's kid to throw some web pages together for you...

But before you give someone the responsibility of presenting your business presence on the Internet, make sure they have the skills necessary to create a website that will enhance your company's image. First impressions count for a lot on the Internet. A bargain website that is amateurish, slow, or confusing can wreck your business image and is no bargain.

Consultation Questions

Today Prosperity Webs offers the best solution for your web needs. ProsperityWebs offers excellence in web design and maintenance.
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The Prosperity Process
We can create a new website from the ground up as well as revamp an existing site. Our initial consultation with you is free. A phone call can get us started. We work with you through the web and on the phone or in person. Our sales people are usually webmasters and will be with you throughout the process and if you choose they will later be webmastering your website or training you to administer it yourself.

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1. Your objectives and needs.

We listen to your desires for your business and how you feel the web can serve you. We ask questions about your existing customer base and how you envision serving this base or expanding it through the medium of the internet.

2. Review any existing materials.

We review any existing text and graphics you have and would like to use for your website.

3. Agree on the project scope.

We then determine the number of web pages, graphics, and any other services you may need, such as web hosting and website promotion. Based on our understanding of your requirements, we will prepare a written proposal.

At this point, we'll register your domain name if you have not already done so.

4. Design, develop, and test your website.
We now design and develop the structure / sitemap, web page layout, content, and graphics. Sample pages are made available for you to make your purchase decision.

5. Website Optimization
After the website has passed your approval,you make a deposit and then it is optimized for quick downloading and tested to make sure it displays correctly in different browsers, at different monitor resolutions, and that the pages print correctly.

6. Upload the site and module implementation.
After the final version of your website is completed and tested, the final version is uploaded to the web server and retested.

7. Module implementation
If you will be selling products or services on your website, we can setup your shopping cart. You are able to choose from 3 different carts and we can train you to use the one you choose. Other modules can also be added to the site to enhance communication between your staff members, with your vendors as well as your customers. These modules can be administered by you or a chosen staff member.

8. Search Engine Optimization.
We can also provide Search Engine Optimization (keywords need to be identified) at this point to ensure the search engines can find your website most effectively.

9. Maintain your website (optional).
Remember, a website must be kept up-to-date to keep your clients coming back. If nothing every changes on your web site, they will have read it all and seen it all and stop checking out your site. We can make cost-effective changes to the content on your website, monitor site traffic, and check rankings in the search engines.

The time is now!
A phone call will get us started. The World Wide Web is growing. It is the fastest growing medium on the planet and the best place for you to start a business. You can reach millions of people with your web and we can insure that your web presence is artistic and professional. Call us now and let us get to work on your web.

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